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Enkei 17×9/9.5 RPF1 Face and Lip

There was some recent discussion on a forum we sponsor ( if there was a difference in the face and/or lip of the 17×9 +35, 17×9 +45 and the 17×9.5 +38 RPF1 wheels. There was some conflicting information going back and forth so we checked and we had all three wheels in stock. We felt it may be helpful to shoot all three in a row and let the pictures speak for themselves. So, in case anyone was wondering, here are the pictures. Please forgive the awful office lighting!

Enkei RPF1 Wheels (17×9″, +35mm, 5×114.3) Silver

Enkei RPF1 Wheels (17×9″, +45mm, 5×114.3) Silver

Enkei RPF1 Wheels (17×9.5″, +38mm, 5×114.3) Silver

If you’re interested in these wheels or any of our RPF1 wheels don’t hesitate to e-mail us for our best possible pricing ( and mention this blog post.


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