Turn In Concepts Race Trailing Arm Front Bushings, '97-'07 Impreza ALL Incl. WRX & STi

Turn In Concepts Race Trailing Arm Front Bushings, '97-'07 Impreza ALL Incl. WRX & STi

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    • 2002-2003 WRX
    • 2006-2007 WRX
    • 2004-2007 STi
    • 1997-2001 Impreza (All)

    • Front or Rear: Rear
    • Brand: Turn In Concepts
    • Manufacturer's Part Number: 1001-02-0012
    • Alternate Part Numbers: TIC_9707TA_FOR
    • Benefits: Good quality suspension bushings are an important part of any performance suspension. The OEM manufacturers design vehicles trying to balance many compromises such as cost and comfort. Stock rubber bushings are inexpensive and help to absorb much of the Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) that can be transmitted from the tires into the cockpit of the vehicle. Unfortunately the soft rubber will also allow for a lot of deflection in the suspension components and result in a large deviation from the "Static" alignment settings (the geometry of the suspension at rest) and the "Dynamic" aligment settings (the geometry of the suspension under load while driving). The greater the change between static and dynamic alignment geometry, the more difficult suspension setup will be while trying to find the ideal alignment settings. Increased suspension response, more predictable behavior and ultimately more grip are the benefits of having bushings that are less squishy.
    • Condition: New Product

    Manufacturer's Description:
    If there's one thing that we've been doing a lot of work on lately it's bushings.

    If there's one thing that's a big bang for you buck on handling it's bushings.

    Fortunately the two coincide.

    Bottom line is this - the stock bushings are there for a reason. Articulation, BUT they used soft squishy rubber to also isolate NVH. After all quiet cars sell. Downside is that quiet cars piss off enthusiasts. Real car enthusiasts insist upon precision, good handling, and better control.
    So following on the success of our lateral link bushings (you've seen those right? If not then click here) we're proud to bring you our forward trailing arm bushings for the GC and GD chassis.

    Here's the details on the bushings:
    • Shore 95A medical grade urethane (nice and stiff)
    • Split bushing design for ease of install (yeah getting the stock one our still sucks, but for you garage DIY dudes that don't have a press check out my tips here)
    • Machined stainless steel crush tube (to smooth bushing action and easy to push in)
    • Nice shape to keep things from binding (thus the mushroom stamp shape!)
    • Graphite impregnated to cut down on squeaks and maintenance (self lubricating, yo!)
    • Fit in the stock arms! (Oh, and in those new MSI tubular trailing arms too!)

    What they do:
    • Firm up the rear of the car
    • Help traction
    • Make for crisper handling
    • Put a smile on your face

    Confirmed fitment as of this very moment is GD Impreza (2002-2007) AND the GC Impreza (1997-2001). Pretty darn sure earlier as well, but there's not too many of those guys around any more.

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