Whiteline Rear Control Arm Bushings Kit (8 Pieces), '02-'07 WRX & '04-'07 STi

Whiteline Rear Control Arm Bushings Kit (8 Pieces), '02-'07 WRX & '04-'07 STi

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Product Description

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    • 2002-2007 WRX & 2004-2007 STi
    • Brand: Whiteline
    • Manufacturer's Part Number: W61382
    • Primary Material: Polyurethane
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
    • Pack Quantity: 8x Bushing
    • Benefits: Good quality suspension bushings are an important part of any performance suspension. The OEM manufacturers design vehicles trying to balance many compromises such as cost and comfort. Stock rubber bushings are inexpensive and help to absorb much of the Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) that can be transmitted from the tires into the cockpit of the vehicle. Unfortunately the soft rubber will also allow for a lot of deflection in the suspension components and result in a large deviation from the "Static" alignment settings (the geometry of the suspension at rest) and the "Dynamic" aligment settings (the geometry of the suspension under load while driving). The greater the change between static and dynamic alignment geometry, the more difficult suspension setup will be while trying to find the ideal alignment settings. Increased suspension response, more predictable behavior and ultimately more grip are the benefits of having bushings that are less squishy.
    • UPC: 9319924353859

    Manufacturer's Description:
    Restore the rear end of your vehicle to as new condition and appearance with black bushings from Whiteline.

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