Eneos Cont. Variable Trans (CVT) Fluid (Case / 6 Quarts)

Eneos Cont. Variable Trans (CVT) Fluid (Case / 6 Quarts)

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Product Description

  • Universal
  • Brand: Eneos
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: EN-CVT
  • Size: Case of 6 Quarts
  • Primary Material: CVT Fluid
  • UPC: 857575001310
  • Condition: New Product
  • Kit Contents:
    (6) 1 Quart Bottles

Manufacturer's Description:

In Japan, the share of automobiles equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) has reached five percent of all automatic transmission vehicles, and that share is continuing to increase. Where automatic transmissions use fluid torque converters, CVTs use metal belts and pulleys to transmit the engine's power. Thanks to their outstanding power transmission ratios and better fuel-economy performance than regular automatic transmissions, many car makers have been adopting CVTs in more and more models. Blended from high-performance base oils and carefully selected additives, including friction modifiers, detergent-dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and defoaming agents, ENEOS CVT Fluid is a well-balanced fluid specially designed for automobiles with metal-belt CVTs.

CVT Fluid is a functional part of the Continuously Variable Transmission. Please refer to the following FAQ to ensure the correct handling and change of CVT Fluid.

Q: What is the difference between ATF & CVT Fluid?
A: The required functions of ATF and CVT Fluids are fundamentally different. Since CVT Fluid controls the metal to metal friction between the belt and pulleys as well as provide the necessary oil pressure crucial to the CVT function, it is extremely important to use the right CVT Fluid for your car.

Required ATF Characteristic: Required CVT-F Characteristic
Reduce metal to metal friction High metal to metal friction
Stable Oxidation Maintain oil pressure
Cleaning agents Heat resistance
Anti-foam Stable viscosity
Seal swelling agent
Stable viscosity

Q: Are the colors different for ATF and CVT Fluid?

A: The color of most ATF products are red. CVT Fluid comes in red, green, and blue. The color difference is due to color dye added during blending. It does not reflect actual product content.

Q: What happens if I accidentally used the wrong fluid?

A: Due to the specific fluid functions each of the transmissions require, in case of an accidental mix-match of fluid in the transmission, there is a high risk of mechanical damage that could occur. Worst case scenario, the transmission will fail due to improper friction modifiers the transmission parts are exposed to. If you do accidentally filled your transmission with the incorrect fluid, you should change it out immediately.

SPECIAL Features:
• Excellent Metal Friction Characteristics
• CVTs use metal belts and pulleys in place of the torque converters used in regular automatic transmissions, and it is the friction between those belts and pulleys that conveys the power. Because ENEOS CVT Fluid is made from a well-balanced blend of metallic detergents, ashless dispersants, extreme-pressure agents, friction modifiers, and other additives, it prevents wear at the metal-metal contact points on the belts and pulleys.
• Compatible with All Types of Automobiles with Metal-Belt CVTs
• CVT fluids require good torque transfer capacity between metal components as well as good antishudder performance, but improving the antishudder performance usually requires a sacrifice in the metal-metal torque transfer. Now JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA, Inc. has developed new technology for providing a high level of both torque transfer and antishudder. ENEOS CVT Fluid performs superbly in both areas in the metal-belt CVT vehicles made by all manufacturers.
• Top-Class Transmission Fluid Performance
• The well-balanced blend of high-performance base oils and carefully selected additives used in ENEOS CVT Fluid ensure superior performance in every area required of transmission fluid, including low-temperature flow properties, oxidation stability, antiwear, shear stability, material compatibility, and foaming prevention.


Automobiles with metal-belt CVTs.

All types of automobiles with metal-belt CVTs EXCEPT automobiles with toroidal or dry CVTs.

1USQ bottle
Typical Properties of ENEOS CTV Fluid
Appearance Green/Red
Density (15°C), g/cm3 0.855
Flash point (COC), °C 208
Kinematic viscosity
(40°C), mm2/s 33.62
(100°C), mm2/s 7.332
Low-temperature viscosity (-40°C), mPa• s 15,000
Pour point, °C -45 Max.
TAN, mgKOH/g 0.62
TBN (HCl), mgKOH/g 1.35
Copper strip corrosion (100°C, 3 h) 1a
Aniline point °C 108
Foaming prevention, ml/ml
Seq. I 0
Seq. II 10/0
Seq. III 0

Note: The typical properties may be changed without notice. (December 2004)
Compatibility of ENEOS CVT Fluid
Manufacturer Name of CVT Name of Genuine or Recommended Oil Compatible
Toyota Super CVT Fluid TC Yes
Nissan N-CVT Matic Fluid D Yes
Hyper CVT Fluid NS-1 Yes
Hyper CVT M6 CVT Fluid NS-1 Yes
Extronic CVT M6 CVT Fluid NS-2 Yes
Extroid CVT M6 CVT Fluid KTF-1 No
Honda Multimatic Ultra ATF Yes
Multimatic Ultra ATF-Z1 Yes
Mitsubishi Motor INVECS-III CVT ATF-SP III Yes
Fuji Heavy Industries ECVT ECVT/i-CVT Fluid Yes
Sports Shift ECVT ECVT/i-CVT Fluid Yes
i-CVT ECVT/i-CVT Fluid Yes
Sports Shift i-CVT ECVT/i-CVT Fluid Yes
Daihatsu Eco CVT GL-4 75W80 No
Suzuki CVT (ECVT) CVT Oil Yes
CVT (dry composite belt-type CVT) GL-4 75W90 No
SCVT Oil Yes

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