Eneos 5W20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (Case / 6 Quarts)

Eneos 5W20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (Case / 6 Quarts)

Code: EN-5W20


Product Description

  • Universal
  • Brand: Eneos
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: EN-5W20
  • Size: Case of 6 Quarts
  • Viscosity: 5W20
  • UPC: 857575001259
  • Condition: New Product
  • Kit Contents:
    (6) 1 Quart Bottles

Manufacturer's Description:

The new ILSAC GF-5 specification is an improvement in engine oil performance compared to the current GF-4 specification. The new ENEOS GF-5 oil provides better fuel economy, increased emission system durability, enhanced piston cleanliness, reduced engine sludge, and improved turbocharger protection.

SPECIAL Features:
• Excellent Engine Cleanliness and Wear Resistance
• ENEOS Motor Oil 5W20's excellent engine cleanliness and wear resistance have been proven in official laboratory tests in the United States. This performance has also been confirmed in a full range of vehicle tests.
• Minimized Oil Consumption
• The consumption of motor oils depends largely on the type of base oil. Because ENEOS Motor Oil 5W20 is blended from high-performance base oils, it has minimized oil consumption when compared to a 5W30, so users can look forward to adding less oil to their engines.
• Meets Latest API Standards
• The high-performance ENEOS Motor Oil 5W20 has been certified as meeting the latest API SN standard established by the American Petroleum Institute.


Motor oil for gasoline engines.

Automobiles for which 5W-20 oils are recommended.

Caution: The use of this oil in automobiles designed for high-viscosity oils can result in inadequate oil circulation, oil leaks, and other problems.

1 US QT and 1 US Gallon

Typical Properties of ENEOS Motor Oil
Quality grade API SN/RC ILSAC GF-5
SAE viscosity grade 5W-20
Density (15°C) g/cm3 0.850
Flash point (COC) °C 240
Kinematic viscosity
(40°C) mm2/s 44.20
(100°C) mm2/s 8.21
Viscosity index 163
CCS Viscosity mPa's 3800 (-30°C)
Pour point °C -45
Acid Number mgKOH/g 1.88
Base Number (HCIO4) mgKOH/g 7.74
Color (ASTM) L3.0
HTHS Viscosity (150°C) mPa's 2.58

Note: The typical properties may be changed without notice. (January 2011)

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